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Patient centred healthcare: the right to choose?


Patient centred healthcare: the right to choose?

Health experts don’t agree on the medicine in this timely debate filmed at the Battle of Ideas. All of the three main parties agree that healthcare should be more personalised, that the experience of patients should take precedence over ‘one size fits all’ provision. Increasing information available to patients about the quality of service may seem unobjectionable, but some do question just what it means to ‘empower’ patients. Just who is it that should be driving priorities in health care delivery: patients, doctors, GP consortia or government policy?

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BBG said:

We have a Conservative-led government that is not sure if it believes in the free market enough to privatise the NHS. Instead they have gone down the patient empowerment road which seems to me to undermine trust in doctors as independent professional clinicians. ‘Choose a doctor’ or choose a hospital is in the mind of those who want to play the role of the ‘empowered patient’ is an invitation to mistrust. At the same time the NHS is a bit second rate all over the country so the apparent choice doesn’t amount to much anyway. The ‘choice’ agenda therefore seems to be a gimmick.

WD said:

Wow this is suprisingly illuminating – I thought I’d just get angry if I watched it- the guy who says look at the stats is a bit off the wall mind you – we all know what are local hospitals are crap at already- choosing ‘from a range’ is not going to improve them- it just avoids dealing with the problem.

Fran said:

I agree that health care is being treated like a supermarket experience-its a joke. Nevermind which consultant or hospital we can supposedly chose to get referred to getting referred at all would be a start. At my GP you are not allowed to raise more than one health problem if you have two you have to make a second appointment – there is no way GPs managing services is to our advantage its a potential nightmare.