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The morning after pill: Pitchfork


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This campaign video puts women’s freedom to control their fertility firmly on the map. It challenges the patronising way women are treated when they try to buy the morning after pill from high street pharmacies in the UK and the rip off price they are charged. The use of emergency contraception has no health implications, Katherine O’Brien from Bpas explains. In fact, it’s considerably safer than other medication that is available without consultation. It is time we trusted women to make their own decisions and made the morning after pill as cheap as possible and available to buy straight off the shelf in corner shops and petrol stations too, just like condoms.

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Wali Khawaja said:

The fact that emergency pill that is a personal choice to all women is so expensive in England is atrocious. Secondly, it is repealing that pharmacists have the obligation to ask these women personal questions when there isn’t even a clinical need for it. This is a great topic to bring forward to raise people’s awareness on it. And the well informed guest has an interesting point of view. Job well done, WorldByte!

Nebe Betre said:

Great insight into an important issue! I did not know about the high price or intrusive consultations associated with the morning after pill until after this documentary. I appreciated the interview with Katherine as it went much more in depth with the issue than the public is usually able to get. Well done!

Janice Da Costa said:

This is a great constructive documentary that perfectly garners one of the issues of ‘institutionalised sexism’ that co-exist within the first world society. Could it be linked to religious beliefs; the fact that you’re killing a ‘baby’ cell. Or could it be that pharmacists are secretly judging you because of your lack of responsibility of not having safe sex. What could be the other reasons.

Fantastic documentary WorldWrite. – Janice