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Planet of the Vapes: why is there a war on e-cigarettes?


E-cigarette use has exploded and has been celebrated as the greatest aid to smoking cessation ever invented. Yet, as of 2016 in the UK, e-cigarette manufacturers will have to choose between being regulated as a medicine by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency or adhere to strict new EU regulations similar to tobacco products. The Welsh Health Ministry even want to ban their use in public places. The movement to ban or hyper-regulate e-cigarettes seems less to do with people’s health than a concern to attack and control our lifestyle choices. In this fascinating debate filmed at the Battle of Ideas, speakers tell it like it is and Chris Snowden argues compellingly public health policy needs to be stubbed out.

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Chris said:

Unfortunately the crackdown on e-cigarettes is part of a broader trend to undermine our ability to decide for ourselves how we should live our lives. Good or bad we should be allowed to make our own choices.

Nancy said:

It’s just so crazy that anyone has a downer on water vapour with nicotine it is such a brilliant replacement for cigarettes. I don’t even smoke but the crazy people who want to ban vaping might just make me vape. Thank you for sharing this important video.

Sarah said:

Chris Snowdon really sticks the knife in – great work.

John Davies said:

Enjoyed vaping along to this great debate! Let’s hope the public health bureaucrats back off on this one.