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Housing: Pump It Up



Pump It Up is a new show which puts key issues in context and aims to push our understanding and demand what we need. A resource for campaigners, we hope these videos will be shared and discussed everywhere.  In this first show, WORLDbytes volunteers discuss the housing crisis with James Heartfield, author of ‘Let’s Build: Why we need five million new homes in the next ten years.’ James is compelling in the case he puts for an end to the ‘green noose’ and the opportunity for a grand vision and grand plans.

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Lesley Grahame said:

The Green belt is a Green lung. The noose is the selfish rich keeping properties empty, ripping off tenants, pricing the rest of us out of the market. Let’s build up not out, let’s limit the number of homes a person/company can own until every has one. Let’s bring back Fair rents and treat housing as a right. A house is a home, not just an investment.

Ashburn Holder said:

My family and I live in Leyton I went to school in Leytonstone, we all know that this government is about social cleaning – Engaging with the group in your video was quite clear we have a housing crisis I hope this new Mayor Sadig Khan will build more homes not houses but long team homes for everyone. The Mayor has the power to borrow money at low interest rate and deliver houses and affordable houses at low interest rate for all. Let’s wait and see.

John Poynton said:

Obviously we need much more housing, but we mustn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater in a panic. Environment protection is vital for our welfare as well as amenity, so no surrender of green belt or planning laws. Build the houses up north where there is plenty of brownfield land, and add regional policy to provide the jobs where the new houses are, not the other way around. Should be possible to fund any amount the Housing Corporation can absorb through 30 year mortgages at 5% from a sovereign wealth fund set up with helicopter QE.

Ann said:

So happy to see a video like this, enjoyed its engaging clear and frank look at the housing crisis in the UK. It is time the politicians listened to these arguments seriously because this topic will not just disappear, they have to deal with it head on at some point.

David Foster said:

This is about as stupid as stupid gets, What we actually need is affordable housing which was barley mentioned. There is a requirement for builders to include affordable housing in any new build, but they have a get out clause that lets them do a viability study. and GUESS WHAT? Affordable housing turns out to be unviable. Second once it’s gone it’s gone forever, Wilderness is in short supply, playing fields are being sold and once they’re gone they never come back, EVER. so to quote the Cat Stevens song…WHERE DO THE CHILDREN PLAY? the last thing we need is a 100 mile wide London, there is plenty of brown field land to build on. it just costs more to develop it… This video is all about making money not what’s good for people. Next time you make a video get someone on the video who knows what they’re talking about.

Gaby Rajchel said:

This discussion clarified a lot of muddied arguments that have become entrenched in our society around the Housing issue. Maybe a lot more people would lose their fears about prospective development if they heard this info and the statistics about the Green Belt and the degree of built up land in Britain, and with a different attitude we could ensure more people have proper housing.

Kevin said:

If there is one thing that revolutionary communists and bankers can agree on, it is that there is a housing crisis in Britain. There are too few homes, usually costing too much, often in the wrong places, and are often of poor quality. The crisis damages lives, breaks up families, blights employment prospects, reduces mobility and slows down the economy.

Michael said:

This was a very informative and entertaining video with some game discussion from many perspectives, I’d personally want to see more houses being built in London instead of attempting to take a moral high ground which make the chances of house ownership significantly worse, we can only hope that the government would carry out a project against the green belt like this without any strings attatched.

Fabian said:

There are some very interesting points here, especially on the price of planning permission as having a higher value than the land itself. This certainly takes the power away from the individual seeking to build. I’m not sure how viable the idea is that by building on the green belt we can create more green spaces especially in central areas. It seems counterintuitive to the argument, tearing down houses to make room for parks when apparently we should build more? Also, on the countryside being a delusion, a source of poetry, maybe so, but what a lovely delusion. Yes, maybe we should build on the green belt, but it would be interesting to see this argument applied to other areas of the country, James did not seem too opposed to building on areas of ecological or scientific value elsewhere, which I disagree with. Anyhow, let’s hope Sadiq does what he said he would…

Marian Phillips said:

I think it’s horrific that only rich people can afford to buy a home in London and this another classic example of the rich getting richer while the poor stay trapped in the bottom. As much as I want this problem solved, I am highly sceptical about the fact that the government wants to do anything about it because it doesn’t affect them. I read somewhere that David and Samantha Cameron are pocketing up to £6,000 a month by renting out their London home while they live in No 10!

luthyano ferracini said:

Pump it up is a very informative program that keep me update with London law and changes.

Katie H said:

This is quite a manifesto for the homes we need, pump it up indeed please.

Joey said:

He does deal well with our NIMBY individualistic preoccupations, yes worth passing this on.

Sarah K said:

WOW this is impressive, he even makes building on the green belt sound logical and reasonable..I’ll definitely pass this on. Thank you