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Question Dine: Election candidates served raw


14-2 Question Dine

Would you vote for this lot? In this second episode of WORLDbytes’ Royal Society of Arts award winning series, election campaigners and parliamentary candidates from lesser-known political parties get a grilling at a local café in London’s East End. On the menu are unemployment, education, housing, free speech and voter apathy. The Green candidate advocates building on the green belt, the Respect rep says free speech should be qualified and the English Democrat chap says they’re not for profit. The arguments dished up suggest there is no right or left anymore. Watch it and let us know your thoughts.

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Heena said:

The lack of any political contest between the parties in this election is obvious. This film shows how the smaller parties aren’t providing any big ideas or vision, instead they big up local politics. Should we even consider voting for any of these lot? Thought the woman speaking was great though, not standing though, shame.

kjahern said:

This is really great, interesting to hear how the minority parties take on the big issues, and the people who do politics from the sidelines like Claire Fox. The volunteers questioning the candidates do have to work hard at the candidates though, they try everything to keep the spotlight, from evasion to continuous talking. You’ll learn a lot too, like that there was a recession right at the beginning of the Roaring Twenties.

MaddyFrench said:

really enjoyed this! Really interesting conversation about the value of local government – especially liked the discussion on state investment outside the public sector and population growth. Claire Fox was brilliant!!