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Question Dine


2 Question Dine

As the elections loom, should we vote? Who should we vote for? What about those of us too young to vote? Do principles matter or should we make the best of what is on offer? In Question Dine, a new WORLDbytes series, parliamentary candidates and campaigners get closer to the electorate in their own dining room, or local cafe. Over supper or a cuppa, volunteers grill prospective MPs, not literally, but the discussion is certainly heated.

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redvan said:

Excellent format, and really interesting (not to mention revealing) to see the mainstream parties actually talking about politics for a change!

Sil said:

Quality. Beats dinner with Portillo. I love the fact that all the political candidates get a good old grilling. The three major UK parties are represented around the dinner table yet NONE of them get off lightly by saying “my party is better than yours”.

demidoug... said:

Very intriguing documentary. I like the concept around this video, gathering MPs from the major parties around one table. It involves and appeals to many people through the interesting topics raised. The debate was ferocious and certainly interesting throughout the video. Definately recommend watching!

Evie said:

This is such a great idea and it really works. The next one is held in a local cafe with even more volunteers getting in there. In this one there is some great heated debates on a number of issues, from immigration, politicians expenses and why we should vote.

Faisal said:

Impressive debate and they do get a grilling would love to know what the menu is it looks good, they are all pretty true to form although the Labour guy referring to Haiti as a basket case is a classic.

visa2020 said:

A pleasingly brisk run around some meaty political topics. It’s good to see the candidates put through a grilling by the Worldwrite volunteers. More of this would be good.