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QuestionDine 2015: Election Candidates with chips


With the 2015 General Election on the menu, prospective parliamentary candidates sit down for supper with volunteers to discuss the big political ideas of today in the E5 Square Café in East London. Candidates ponder a wide range of questions. The food begins to cool as the discussion heats up. From immigration, economic growth and the EU to free speech, humanitarian intervention and building homes ourselves. Do volunteers get the answers they are looking for? You decide.

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The American people has to be much smarter than the rest of the world because we just can’t allow or give a Canadian born the chance to become the President of this great country… least Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both born Americans, so they are more than eligible to be President, not Ted Cruz. The GOP establishment is trying to sell off the country to a Canadian born….the American people just can’t allow that to happen.

Lenny said:

TED CRUZ WAS BORN IN CANADA and not in the United States of America and it was said that he (Ted Cruz) refused a possible U S. Citizen and accepted his Canadian citizenship……now, my question to the GOP bosses, is how can they promote a possible Canadian citizen to be the nominee of the GOP party to give him a great chanel to become the first Canadian born President of these United States? The Canadians would have a field day…if not, a field day for ever. The thing is, Canada will never ever allow an American born to become a Prime Minister or leader of their democracy…they will never allow dispite the fact that they’re our neighbors and so-called friend…..but they don’t necessarily like our
By the way, if Ted Cruz is the GOP nominee, Ms. Clinton would shred him to pieces. She would be asking questions like why was Ted Cruz mother living in Canada? Also, was Ted mother one of those American citizens who had forsake the U.S. for Canada she maybe the person who influenced her son Ted Cruz to reject the possible U.S. citizen. Ted Cruz just can’t be the ‘Canadian President of these United States…

Callum said:

Good debate and good topics of discussion.
Don’t agree that someone needs to be poor while the others are rich: if we focus on bettering and having a efficient economy and not focus on other countries and issues nobody will have to be poor as everyone can grow together as a country which is what politicians claim they promote.

Robert said:

It’s nice enough but the issue for me being disabled is whom do I vote for and who see me as a person, yes I can work but my disability is called as being 88%, your classed as severely disabled if you have a 50% disability or illness .

I can work but at what, that is what employers say to me, and since main stream parties are now proudly saying they are the parties of the hard working now those on welfare or benefits, and when you think the vast majority of low paid are on some form of welfare or benefits this is very worrying.

I basically did not see to many people in wheelchair or people with disabilities in this debate.

Again it’s about work and working, millions of us will not work or will not work without major help.

I’m paraplegic with major issue with spine and spinal cord.

I will be voting if I do for a smaller party

Sadik Chaudhury said:

Excellent open debate, I really enjoyed it and I think was nice to see representatives from all cross party and young people’s were involved in the debate. This is very positive for democracy. Well done

Cllr Ricky Knight said:

Good stuff – really worth listening to – all candidates performed well; but as per usual, the main ‘establishment’ parties talk and behave as if the last 5 yrs had not happened and that their parties had nothing to do with it.
However, I am from the deepest Styx of the West Country – sometimes, London-centric reportage like this is like from another world – as indeed anything from my patch would sound to them. e.g. immigration is possibly an even sorer point here than in the metropolis; yet there’s hardly a black or brown face in sight.

Hannah Graham said:

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the video. I believe young people in this country have a real power to influence this election and it was refreshing to see a debate like that run by young people.

Hannah Graham
Green Party Candidate for Middlesbrough

Andrew said:

Very good debate, UKIP guy was the only one with any idea what the world is about. I really can’t stand the luvy-duvy save the planet brigade who want to make us all poorer but happy. It’s commerce and business that makes the world go round. if you don’t like it . . . . .

M. Kettering said:

Agree very good video. Not sure where I stand now. Was going to vote conservative as better on the economy but now am unsure. Like everyone else they are rubbish on immigration and support more controls, appalling on foreign policy, are wavering on the anti-democratic EU and are not promising to undo all the regulations we have to put up with. Hardly inspiring and they certainly lack faith in us the electorate. Hmmmm

Ahmed S said:

Good programme will share. Don’t these people know we are young but not stupid. I tried that online policy tool and if you don’t like any of them it keeps saying you have to pick one. Talk about lowering horizons. Why should we suffer the least worst, that is not democracy that is ticking boxes. Yes the UKIP guy is not my bag BUT I felt for him constantly having to say I’m not racist etc when ALL THE OTHERS support immigration controls and just sit there smugly NONE OF THEM have said open the borders and then people won’t have to get into boats and drown. At least Farage has said we were responsible for the mess in Libya. So none of you will get my vote and as far as I’m concerned you are responsible for people drowning.

Josh T said:

GREAT VIDEO. GREAT QUESTIONS. Can I say this LOUDLY this is precisely why NONE OF YOU WILL GET MY VOTE spineless and visionfree and I AM NOT APATHETIC.

Janine said:

Thanks WORLDbytes great vid very engaging & agree with Teena well edited but confirms my fears I’m afraid that none of these parties have the answers. And the Greens anti-growth but pro-prosperity so they mean reinvent what prosperity means as wellbeing, happiness and so on- very Victorian-‘poor but happy’ then. That is backward in my book.

Ailleen M said:

Fascinating video, thank you, very revealing, amazing these people just can’t answer especially on the economy. Seems like they don’t have much of a scooby do about growth at all. From an obsession with the banks to apprentices to education-what has that got to do with serious investment in production.

Teena Lashmore said:

Many thanks again for invite and participation.
Good job with editing what could so easily have been a ‘boreathon’ into a ‘snappy’ dialogue.
Observations and feedback noted – thank you. I will try harder as I go forward.

Considering the feedback, I would like to invite Becky to discuss further, the ‘International and Foreign Aid’. I’d suggest a local meeting (you need to provide details). I’d also like to read your dissertation (I’m assuming you are studying in this area) because I, like you, feel the answers to a global challenges are with us. I spend my community life trying to transfer that knowledge from those not at the political table to those that are. I’d like to learn more from you. Likewise I am going to ask for a group pass for all at the table to attend a conference in London. As this is after the election, I hope it is clear that I am not trying to ‘recruit’. I am trying to offer more access into the decision making of political parties so you appreciate that despite Teena’s personal failings at the table, this should not be a reason not to vote. Voting should be based on your values and what are the best policies for the next 5 years. I left you all with a tool to help And if you are dissatisfied with the current policies, as I am, then you join the party and change them, as I do. Politics are dynamic and unless we have more ‘variety’ in the party, we will peddle policies that are too narrow. Interested?

A A Fernandes said:

This really resonated with me on many levels.

Fair representation across the political spectrum. Pleased to see a youthful demographic is given a voice instead of the usual talking heads on mainstream media.

Key points that struck a chord with me

No taxation without representation #libdems2015

Income disparity gap between EU states leading to imbalance in labour markets. Quality rather than quantity immigration.

Aspiration and ethic #labour2015

#greens2015 investment, prosperity not growth. (I’m keen to idea storm a national conversation and action plan about a national minimum income like Switzerland has proposed.)

Marisa Pereira: not a democratic transparent process /pro Europe not EU

Big ideas raise standards not hark on the austerity mood music

Excellent intelligent questions all around. Sharing this link

#rockrambler #GE2015

Raisul Bhuiyan said:

Great video, it is always a good thing when politicians are asked direct questions. As an immigrant myself, I believe that immigrants can be of help to the UK’s economy and I believe that there should be open borders. It was disappointing to see that the politicians on the panel today were not able to give direct answers for what they planned on doing about the issue of open borders. However, I appreciate that the volunteers asked the difficult questions and demanded straightforward answers from the people who represent us.

Becky said:

Great video, and really interesting food for thought! I can’t say it has done much to fill me with confidence about my vote, though. As someone mentioned, I think we rarely hear clear well-planned long term goals in terms of investment, in terms of learning from mistakes, or in terms of empowering the electorate. A positive vision for the future does not have to be wishy-washy idealism. From this video, it seems that both the Green party and UKIP think of future plans in these terms. All the condidadtes seem happy to pendanticly unpick immediate economic problems, but not to drive the discussion forward, or contribute any new ideas. Also, it seemed none had given much thought to changing or halting damaging ideologies in real terms. I came away from the video thinking ‘well, they obviously aren’t taking the freedom of speech debate seriously enough, and they obviously don’t think the ‘tragedy’ in the MIddle East is worth discussing!’