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Report from the Brexit march: Leave means Democracy

WORLDbytes produced this short video from the pro-Brexit march at Parliament Square, on March 29th. There were a lot of inspiring, passionate and articulate people, undermining the caricature of Brexiteers as ignorant uneducated racists. Given the betrayal by the UK parliament it is now clearer than ever that leave and democracy mean one and the same. Do watch, share and comment.

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Adrian Fisher said:

Congratulations on making such an informative video about the Leave Means Leave rally on 29th March in London. Your interview style was neutral and enabling, and you encouraged the people you interviewed to convey their points of view simply, directly, and without being interrupted. As a result, it was far more informative than much of the recent coverage broadcast by the Entitled and Know-it-all Establishment media.

What came over clearly in your video was the widespread consensus that the Preservation of Democracy is central to the cause for leaving the EU. It also got across that ordinary regular people have a shrewd sense of the truth, even if they do not know all the facts, details and arguments. This in itself is a salutary insight into the value of Democracy, with each person having one vote. The fact that the British Establishment has then used the same Democracy-stiflng tactics as the EU, to try and thwart the Leave Vote is all the more deplorable – an irony not lost on anyone at the Leave Means Leave rally.

The mood of the day was polite, good natured and friendly, and this came across in the video. What also came across was the seething sense of injustice, where the 17.4 million majority who had won the Referendum risked having it taken away from them by the Money and Privilege of the Establishment.

The overall impression accurately captured the reasonableness, decency and intelligent common sense of ordinary people. It also showed us what the cynicism of the Self-Appointed Establishment is is danger of destroying, in its outrageous grab for power. We learnt that this issue is all about Democracy, initially in Brussels, and now sadly also right in the heart of London within the Westminster Bubble.

Thank you, Marisa, for your most perceptive and valuable video. Please preserve it carefully, because I have a feeling that this will be of great historic and social value for generations to come. You were there, actually on the very day when the UK should have left the EU. And didn’t.

Adrian Fisher.
Founder and Chairman
Adrian Fisher Design Ltd

Simon Jennings said:

Great video. Well done!

Simon Jennings
Chief of Staff to Chris Heaton-Harris
Member of Parliament for Daventry