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Reproduction strand: Frankenstein’s daughters


10 Frankenstein's daughter

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and screening allow couples to avoid having children with life-threatening conditions, but also imply the possibility of ‘screening out’ certain disabilities, raising the prospect of a generation of ‘designer babies’. Can biomedical breakthroughs shape what is to be human? Where does science fact meet science fiction and how can we distinguish between the two? This glimpse of a debate at the Battle of Ideas festival, supported by the Wellcome Trust and bpas delves deeper.

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Aisha said:

…Interesting debate, seems a little one sided from the panel of scientists (seem all for). Definitely a debate i would like to see continued on worldbyte. I honest think it’s a very tender subject whether you look at it from a religious, ethical or moral point of view, and i personally think it would medal too much with the Will of God, however i think its a debate that is essential to the world we live in today.

Great story!

Vivien said:

Hi there, but why is it better than Frankenstein’ts daughters? Are you worried about the risks or do you think it could detrimental to women, the family? The more I think about it the more it could provide solutions and more choices for us but I’d be interested to find out your thoughts.

dianosaur said:

Oh my God, that’s horrible. It’s unfair that we as women have to give birth and have to endure all the pain. But better that than Frankenstein’s daughter!

Vivien said:

We could live in a society where “everything that is natural about the human reproduction is subordinated to technology and human choice” as Sandy Starr puts it. This fantastic debate dreams about what is possible whilst also showing this is a long way off. I like the idea of not having to carry and give birth to a baby but maybe others disagree?