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Reproduction: Whose right to choose?


10 Reproduction

Should decisions about abortion, IVF treatment and sex selection be a matter for parents and ultimately the women involved or is there more to it? This glimpse of a debate at the Battle of Ideas festival, supported by the Welcome Trust and bpas is revealing. The speakers are: Professor Peter Braude, head of department, Women’s Health, King’s College London; director, Centre for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital; Ann Furedi, chief executive, bpas; Professor Sally Sheldon professor of law, University of Kent; co-author, Fragmenting Fatherhood: a socio-legal study. The chair is Tony Gilland, science and society director, Institute of Ideas.

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Hazel said:

I think I agree with Hazel, but the doctors should be limited to giving medical advice, not moral direction. Women have to decide for themselves.

katrina said:

I believe that people should decide for themselves, are they responsible? They should answer for themselves, however I do believe that there always a consultation with a professional doctor should be made.