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Revolting!: Books & Buns with author Mick Hume


Books & Buns

In this timely new show, WORLDbytes volunteers discuss ‘Revolting!’ with the author Mick Hume. The real meaning of democracy is laid bare over tea and cakes as volunteers raise astute questions about the book and grapple with what’s at stake. In the run-up to the UK general election and beyond, this must watch video introduces a much needed and compelling book to reinvigorate the spirit of democracy.

Related topics: Debates, Democracy-Brexit

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Jermal said:

this is a really well done discussion and very informative

Claire said:

I loved how one of the volunteers expressed his views about how he was pro-Brexit whilst being surrounded by pro-Remain peers, and how he didn’t speak out for fear of being called racist or crazy. Especially, as, I may be mistaken (apologies if I am!), but from his manner of speaking, I don’t think he’s British (or at least not originally, perhaps he is a citizen now), therefore I’m sure most people would expect him to be pro-Remain. I was in a similar situation. I never wrote anything on Facebook because I knew I could potentially get hassled and people would find it incredulous that me, the person that everyone knows as a Europhile, who speaks several languages, who’s studied and worked in various European countries, was pro-Brexit. It’s as if you can’t be ‘for Europe, against the EU’, as Mike Hume put it. And, it’s true what he says regarding the Left, in theory very liberal and democratic, advocates of free speech, but then recently, people have been scared to air their views because of their comments, together with them not being very accepting of the outcome of a democratic election.

Claire said:

I loved the first shot, with the dramatic music AND the buns. I’m definitely going to read this book now because it seems to address some of the qualms I’ve been feeling about university. It seems like there’s a consensus about what is the “correct” political orientation amongst my fellow students, and I’ve found the lack of debate and difference of opinion within higher education frustrating. Everyone seems to agree with each other about everything! It’s like we’ve all been conditioned to believe the same thing.

For me, the most interesting part of this interview was the idea that people can vote for the same outcome, but still hold different values or hopes for the future. Most of the people I talk to at university or see on mainstream media seem to hold the same progressive values. This is a good thing, but we also tend to demonize the people who vote for Trump or Brexit and say that they’re racist or sexist or hateful. This is surely a generalization, and in the words of Sarah Silverman, people who believe that fertilized eggs are people are people too. I’m glad that WORLDbytes is trying to dig deeper into issues, rather than just regurgitating the same “This is bad, and this is good,” rigmarole. Issues are infinitely more nuanced than the dualism of political parties and referendum votes would have us believe. We need to start playing a part in deciding for ourselves which opinions are legitimate and which options appear on the lists, rather than just taking them for granted.

Jessie said:

Really interesting subject matter; extremely relevant to our times. Great idea for a programme as books especially non-fiction ones are often not discussed by young people. Good way to broaden people’s interests and give them an insight into the kind of subject matter that is out there.