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Riots and Revolutions: Europe’s young radicals?


Riots and Revolutions: Europe's young radicals?

In this Battle of Ideas satellite rumble, while some have celebrated the apparent radicalisation of previously apathetic youth, speakers express profound concern over its ’empty politics’, contempt for the masses, leaderless-ness and narcissism. The rise of the far right in Europe is a further worry, but it can, we learn, be used to justify anti-democratic trends. These edited highlights are certainly compelling. Are there no promising political movements to inspire us? Your thoughts please.

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Carol said:

Interesting arguments about the absence of politics in these protests, hardly revolutionary! A further debate to be had on the ‘slut marches’. Are they narcissistic?

Mijanur said:

This debate highlights the importance of listening to people with radical views. This I think is the right way forward as usually these radical views stem from a more simpler modest demand, for example wanting better pensions but instead feel disenfranchised with the mainstream parties and head towards the radical whether it be left or right. My view is quite similar to Neil Davenport’s who summarises his argument at the end of the video by stating that the basic needs such as jobs and housing need to be addressed first by the main political parties and then they can expect to be trusted by the public.

WORLDbytes – The School of Citizen TV » Europe’s new far right: fear or fantasy? said:

[…] Riots and Revolutions: Europe’s young radicals? […]