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Ruletopia: Leafleting


leafletting thumb

Bans on leafleting are already enforced in many towns, now the powers that be are getting heavy with your letterbox. Watch out for the latest jobsworths reporting on you. It’s enough to make you like ad mail after all, at least you can decide what you want to look at.

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david said:

They seem to focus all there budgets and time on the most ridicules concepts

Emma said:

Post may be annoying, but to claim to be so offended by it that it has to be banned is clearly ridiculous! Nice video :)

James said:

Another example of the Nanny State gone into over drive! What about legitamate businesses who rely on leaflets to drum up sales. When will the Government stop imposing restrictions on civil libirties in the name of protecting the vulnerable.

Andrew said:

The opportunity to receive annoying junk mail and finding a good deal are now gone!

Annie May Noonan said:

where will this stop if such legislation continues to be implemented! I would rather be free to make my own democratic choice to read through my mail, be it junk or otherwise.