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Safe Cuddling


Safe Cuddling

The talented Bold Futures team produced as a spoof and an experiment, a suit that allows for the innocent cuddling of children. When the child wearing the suit is touched for too long or in inappropriate areas an alarm goes off, first gently hinting to potential ambiguities, finally assertively reminding (flashlights! bells!) the parent or care-taker and others around of their responsibility. The proposal was shown to parents, child minders and a child protection professional to spark debate about rational and irrational fears, about risks, technology, the media and attitudes within society towards child safety. The project was also presented and discussed in exhibitions and on various blogs. WORLDbytes is delighted to host edited highlights of their experiment.

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Tamisin said:

This is excellent. It really shows in quite a shocking way, how far we have let ourselves be fearful of each other and avoid risking the messiness of relationships. It seems children are more resilient than us adults at times.

Reza said:

In this country there is so much regulation on how we behave to our children; it really worries me and this is just taking it to its logical conclusions.

Dave said:

The Child Protection Officer was so grim. He really did think something like this was needed and almost got excited about it. Still, the parents provided some kind of sanity.

Fish said:

Wasn’t sure at first if these people were joking! It is so close to the bone though, people do talk about ‘us’ as almost diseased, bad enough to need something like this for innocent children not to be tainted. Very good, would have loved to see the exhibition.