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Science journalism: the tyranny of evidence?


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What is behind the fashion for sexy science writers, evidence-based reporting and beautiful data visualisations to fill airtime and column inches? Are science journalists getting a bad rap or do they deserve it? Should we defend the freedom of tabloid magazines such as ‘What Doctors Won’t Tell You’ to sow confusion about mainstream medicine? Or should we protect the public by calling on retailers to take these mad, bad mags off the shelves? Filmed at the Battle of Ideas with a panel of experts in the know, Dr Michael Fitzpatrick establishes the underlying problem, compellingly arguing that the real problem for science journalism is that science has become ‘the last man standing’. Policymakers avoid standing up for ideas and look to science to justify everything and journalists, we learn, have been lapping it up.

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Carol said:

I think the media should have a bit more faith in the public, we’re not all qualified scientists, but we’re not all stupid either.

Antonio said:

Excellent debate! I really enjoyed this. I wish we had these kind of debates on TV.

Dave T said:

The point made by a man in the audience that science journalists cut and paste material from PR company press releases really rings true but I think there is a lack of real critical investigation across the media in general.

Randolph Ferry said:

I think there is a real arrogance about journalism in general these days – they don’t check their facts well enough and report the latest panics as if they are the truth all the time. The science lot are some of the worst though, as if they’re short of the ‘humanities gene’ or something. The woman in this video is, I’m sorry to say, completely dreadful.