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Sex in the brain: do men and women think differently?


Sex in the brain: do men and women think differently?

Few today believe women are less intelligent, but some scientists say it’s time to accept male and female brains are differently wired.  With the world still divided according to gender, however, critics argue the development of the brain is always influenced by cultural assumptions.  In this extraordinary debate filmed at the Battle of Ideas, the issue gets heated with ‘scientism’ turning the clocks back and insisting male and female capabilities are fixed. Speakers include Dr Ellie Lee, reader in social policy, University of Kent, Canterbury; Dr Maurizio Meloni, research fellow, Institute for Science and Society, University of Nottingham; Dr Anne Moir, neuropsychologist; author, Brain Sex: the real difference between men and women & Dick Swaab, professor of neurobiology, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, University of Amsterdam. The chair is journalist and writer Timandra Harkness. This debate formed part of the Battle for our Brains strand at the Battle of Ideas, supported by the Wellcome Trust.

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Sex in the Brain: Do Men and Women Think Differently? [VIDEO] said:

[…] Sex in the brain: Do men and women think differently? was filmed by WORLDbytes. […]

Valeria Birt said:

Enjoyed every bit of your blog article.Thanks Again. Great.

Mauro said:

The world is changed, the Neurosceience theory too..this is the real demonstration that is the Science who follow us, not the contrary…

Randolph Ferry said:

So why do these peddlars of ‘neo-phrenology with graphics’ try to call their view SCIENCE?

Randolph Ferry said:

This neoroscience fad shares some of the same features as the environmentalism is science fad. The protagonists are quite evangelical and tend to claim that they are the guardians of a new truth or knowledge which must be told to the people who ‘just don’t know it yet’. Coupled with this messianism is a marked refusal on their part to engage with different points of view or difficult arguments that are brought up by sceptics. The thing is that if you look at environmentalism today and trace it’s root back to aristorcratic land stewardship or look at neuroscience and gender today and trace it’s roots back to the naturalising tendencies within feminism (as well as the male chauvinism of the past) and you can see both these trends as old arguments in newer, more hi-tech clothes.

Brinesh said:

Agree re below and I do want to know why this idea of gender difference and bilogical determinism is a hit once again as its so backward.

Steph said:

Good point that these ideas of male female difference are becoming so powerful at a time where there are in fact fewer than ever differences in what we do based on gender. So reality would tell us the opposite of these scientismists – I don’t think we really learn why this stuff is becoming so popular though.

gem s said:

Amazing debate god knows what Sylvia Pankhurst would make of these people trying to say our sex determines our capabilties and are fixed – outrageous

Maz said:

OK this is revealing isn’t it eugenics all over again?

Julia Garner said:

God this made me furious I didn’t realise nuroscience had gone such a long way down this disgraceful route- how dare these people call themselves scientists. Men and women completely understand the world differently what dangerous tosh. As Dr Lee said its Hogwash. Well done for getting this to us.

Marsha said:

Amazing debate- the Ann woman- if she is a woman (she is off another planet) is really shocking. It’s frightening that this pseudo science is now so popular- its sounds like the stuff you read in horoscopes. Thank goodness Dr Ellie Lee slates it and as she tells us this idea that men and women think completely differently really is extraordinary hog wash