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Should schools teach ‘British Values’?


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Is there a shared set of British values that we can all agree should be taught? How do we reconcile any tensions between the values of parents and those espoused by educators or laid down by the government? Is it even possible for schools to uphold values that are highly contested in society more broadly? If so, which ones, and how should they be taught? In this debate filmed at the Battle of Ideas, a terrific panel of educationalists grapple with these tricky questions.

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Dimitar said:

It’s hard to understand why British people get in such a state about these things. If people are so negative about British society and what is good about it then is it any wonder young people join up with the IS murderers.

Kizzie T said:

I think the audience are particularly inspiring in this especially the guy who says we should stop expecting schools to sort what are society’s problems.

Keith said:

Brilliant and timely discussion – wish I could have made the battle of ideas festival.

Sofia M said:

Beautifully filmed and edited debate. I do think democracy, law, tolerance & free speech are universal values worth defending, the problem is they have been emptied of meaning. The ‘Prevent’ strategy-policy is certainly appalling too.