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Should we fear democracy?



Democracy no longer inspires political and moral judgements and for many democracy is scorned as nothing more than pandering to populist prejudice. This Battle of Ideas debate interrogates the fanciful delusions that suffrage for sixteen year olds, Occupy-style protest or digital direct democracy make for a more engaged citizenry. Whatever happened to the foundational idea that liberal democracy obliges us all to convince others who share common interests to win a public mandate for real alternatives?

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I share highly in agreement with the first speaker, cos he hit the hammer right on the nail. Happy anniversary to Battle of Ideas for bringing brains together and sharing high intellectual development. Democracy has diverse meanings and in Africa specifically in Ghana where i come from, Democracy is a tortoise of development with little options because people (So call Legislatures) make decisions in line with their political affiliation which does not represent or reflect the choices of the people they represent. This has made Democracy more expensive because corruption is not guided and punished duly, they unanimously supports big remunerations for themselves knowing very well that, the people they represents are in worse form of poverty. Democracy is giving limited options and slowing development.