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Speed Therapy


Speed Therapy

Numerous holistic alternative medicines are now available on the NHS but if these fail it’s worth checking out the vast array of alternative cures to discover what may suit us. Reporter Amelie Boehm discovers what’s on offer at a new speed therapy centre and witnesses some miracle cures that may have been overlooked by mainstream medicine so far.

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David said:

Very funny – straight out of the Simpson Dr Revera!

If you are suffering from apathy related stress or other symtoms go for exersice. Thats the best alternative medicine.

This alternative medicine is often unregulated at best and harmful to the environment because of the use of animal parts and rare species in such traditional medicine. Also at worst it is boardering on religious new age bunk.

Agnieszka said:

Hilarious and so true! Unbelievable that some people believe in the alternative medicine and they even refuse going to hospital or to a doctor, if something’s wrong with them. But the worst thing is that even the medicine doesn’t argue with those therapies anymore, because it doesn’t want to upset and loose ‘the believers’.

Aba said:

Extremely funny video with a very serious message. Yes i will also take the fruit gum therapy please!

Vik said:

A very funny spoof with a serious message underneath it for me, and that is that alternative medicine is not only useless but it can kill. Here’s just one example. The Society of Homeopaths, the largest organisation registering professional homeopaths in Europe, held their annual international conference and a guy who claimed that his homeopathic remedies cured AIDS headlined the conference. This guy even goes as far to say that he can embed his thoughts (or is it his ‘mental waives’) into songs that could then be put on the airwaves across Africa and those with AIDS would get better. And it was this man’s pills that were being promoted and discussed at this year’s international conference. We need to completely chuck out the idea that alternative medicine is harmless, although it is funny to mock, we should also be making sure it doesn’t get taken up. Interesting aside that our government has yet again avoided responsibility for public services as although it recognises alternative medicine is nonsense it argues that for the sake of ‘patient choice’ these remedies should be available on the NHS!

Joanne said:

Hilarious! Absolutely spot on in parodying the way alternative medicines often give very vague answers to very simple questions – I think the idea is that if you say nothing then there is nothing to disprove!

Krystle said:

Hilarious! This video is a very good parody on today’s views of alternative medicine. There are so many options on the shelves that are marketed as these miracle medicines, but are indeed just a way for someone to make loads of money from vulnerable people. Although, I do agree with Bento that there are some effective alternatives to conventional medicine, we just need to do the research for ourselves first.

Blem said:

LOL wildly hilarious! Well done for pricking this modern-day sacred cow. I’ll go for being turned into a bowl of pasta, might be fun. Honestly though, what grates at me about alternative therapy is its utter uselessness masked in the guise of ‘a holistic approach’ as an excuse for never seeing any results. That and its utter disdain for modernity and all its positive aspects, which isn’t just backward but also very dangerous.

ruby said:

Great take on the sometimes misguiding cures offered by alternative medicine. An intriguing spoof with well thought out comedy characters. Alternative medicine requires more research and testing and only then can judgements about its effectiveness be made.

bento said:

Nice video. However, I believe that some alternative medicines aren’t fraudulent and are a good alternative to conventional medicine. In the NHS website, we can find quality information and evidence on complementary alternative medicine practices, used by NHS.

Carol said:

Hilarious! The best spoof yet, I laughed so hard and jumped so high when the ‘shock therapist’ jumped out.

I think I’ll opt for the Fruit Gum therapy too please!

Great p**s take on alternative medicines. EXCELLENT!

shoeless Joe said:

I feel a million times better!

Katja said:

Very funny! Very googd idea and very good acted. I would choose the fruit gum therapy to make me feel better when I am ill.

Sally said:

Hilarious – i’ll have the wine gum treatment please