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spiked shorts: Squatting on the back of the poor


Squatting on the back of the poor

In this latest of our spiked shorts series, writer Luke Gittos comments on the recent criminalisation of squatting. Whilst it is wrong to drag more and more of society’s poor through the courts, he argues, we should also be critical of those who choose to squat, who are making life more difficult for those who need to. What do you think?

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Stuart said:

I like this, to take squatting as an example of the new Generation ‘I” and that sense of entitlement we see more and more is spot on.

Georgie Terrioni said:

I couldn’t agree more. It is immoral to criminalise those that are being forced to find an empty house to just put a roof under their heads. It is also a funny way of showing solidarity by looking after number one and making no inroads into changing anything.

Alex Watkins said:

It is not rocket science is it – let us build millions more houses, but are a lot of the ‘professional’ squatters arguing for this; no, quite the opposite – many I talk to want us to go green, live feebly, join them in making the most of it.