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Spoon crime exclusive


Spoon gangs roam the streets armed with big spoons, little pointy spoons and plastic un-recyclable spoons. One spoon crime victim tells us she will never be able to visit her grandfather again as he used to play the spoons. The campaign for a cutlery free world say the crime is spreading and the special spoon squad declare a spoon amnesty. This panic report mocks the hype surrounding knife crime and suggests we should be wary of the fear mongering; especially as the proposed solutions are more punitive laws and regulation of young people’s lives.

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Fluentinsound said:

Spoon crime, wow that is hilarious and cutting. Totally sends up media panics and the ridiculous level of fear and distrust out there..needs to be done…the Doctor as well on five a day well how often do you hear that, never, remarkable am liking it