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State vs. market: is there a way forward?


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Is an increasingly top-heavy state is holding back the entrepreneurial dynamism of the market, or should we view it as vital life-support to a system far beyond the capabilities of private enterprise, however large? Is it time to find a way past the opposition between state and market? Speakers in this compelling debate, filmed at the Battle of Ideas, provide some excellent insights. Market and state, we learn, may be inseparable.

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Hannah said:

I found the speakers helpful in understanding how entangled the state and market is. However, I felt that they didn’t lay the cards on the table about the way forward.

Anton R said:

It seems like a crisis is brewing as I see it because neither the state nor the market, as ideas for how to run an economy, have much authority in the UK today.
Lots of other countries have had such debates, but I enjoyed this one.