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Tales from the Missionary Hut: A school in a box


The School-in-a-Box is the ultimate feel good gift to pack on your safari to give to a poor nomadic child in the developing world. The kit is a neatly packed box of school supplies and materials for a teacher and students. It includes pencils, scissors, scrap paper, protractors, coloured stickers and a biro. Using the School-in-a-Box teachers can establish makeshift classrooms anywhere. Find out how to make one of your own.

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Demi said:

The school box resembles my pencil case – although minus the stickers.
As said in the comments below, I think this ‘School in a box’ idea is a riduclous idea. Even with the basic essentials for the ‘feel good factor’, if there are no text books etc I can imagine how difficult it would be for the child to have a decent education.

Vivien said:

Another corker from the missionary hut where mere survival is celebrated as innovation. It reminded me of WORLDwrite’s documentary series called Pricking the Missionary Position where in one film a Ghanaian Professor says that it is as if the West are saying we will the high level thinking and others can do the low level work (although he says it much better than I have!).

laurenboyle said:

This is by far the most bizarre and ludicrous ‘giant leap in education’ I’ve ever witnessed. I’m certain if I was to present this gift to my nephew’s they would disown me. Why should it be acceptable or gratifying for the children of our peers in the developing world to receive glorified stationary in a box (because that is all it is) as serious educational aid and a substitute for sufficient schooling?! No really, the S.L.A.G’s sarcasm unveils the fundamental and ideological cynicism adopted by these conceited NGO’s, who genuinely believe they are making substantial improvements in educating the young.

dishthedirt said:

This is both funny and sad. Real NGO’s actually come up with this rubbish and promote it. The third world is supposed to be grateful and the donors consciences salved. Build the universities of the future now!