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Tales from the Missionary Hut: Bag for life


Tales from the Missionary Hut: Bag for life

Want to stand out from the crowd and do your bit for the environment at the same time?  The bag for life is the latest rage for holiday makers venturing deep into the African savannah.  This unique invention will not only do away with those nasty plastic bags, it will keep you safe from deadly malaria injecting mosquitoes without the need for destructive stinky, sticky icky chemicals and insect repellent sprays.  What’s more, you can make your own bag for life on a shoe-string budget and here’s how.

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Eine Hülle fürs Leben, auch als Moskitoschutz verwendbar. | ……………………..Relevanz @ Redundanz said:

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Rochelle S said:

I like how the video has taken a well known concept such as the ‘Bag for Life’ and has created another use for it that ironically only those in the developed world would think of having. It is unlikely that people in Africa or the other developed countries need this bag to protect them, sourced from an environmentally friendly location in Borneo! And the random comments just add to the comedic value of the video. Genius idea and wish I could have come up with it myself!

Vanessa said:

What a funny program. If I had to make a choice, I would rather risk getting skin rash then malaria. Beyond that all these insect repellent chemicals have been tested before coming on the market.

rachel said:

I enjoyed this program. I think that many people today are often misinformed about the true nature of chemicals in things such as bug sprays and pesticides. They automatically assume that these things are bad and dangerous, when most of them are not. Products containing DEET could help save lives in places where malaria carrying mosquitoes are present and in my opinion, should be used. Many of the real life alternatives offered for insect repellents are truly as comical as the life bag, well done.

Lluisa V said:

I’m completely agreed with the bad consequences of using chemicals sprays, specially the products which contain DEET being that a poison for our body and the environment. There are a lot of natural ways to repel the mosquitoes as wear long, loose and light colored clothes, take vitamin B or using natural oils.