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Tales from the Missionary Hut: Feed the world with one pot


Tales from the Missionary Hut: Feed the world with a pot

A pot that will grow food for your family and the entire world from the comfort of your own home is now a reality.  A breakthrough in food production, a single pot will grow food for an entire household.  In less than a week, you can grow your own tomatoes, parsnips, peppers and greens without worrying about the well-documented health and environmental risks of genetically modified food.  What’s more, famines will be a thing of the past and nasty supermarkets will die a natural death, as they should.  So get your pot, some seeds and start growing.

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Bunk said:

totally do-able. mega easy. cue allotinabox.

Mauro said:

Could be one of the best invention of the last 20 years…Do you think our society could hold a peer effort?

Mark Harrop said:

This is too rude!

Randolph Ferry said:

“Oh’ I’ve got a brand new combine harvester and I’ll give you the key.” was the first line of a sort of farmers love song when I was growing up. Nowadays what would you get? “Abandon all machinery darling and I love ee like organic compost loves a carrot”. Ok, I agree, needs work…

Funke said:

Even if it were possible who would want that? Although am not knocking it, anything is possible in some form of sci-fi magical reality.

These sort of assertions are worthy of those who try to pull the wool over the eyes of others as a deterrent against would be crusaders. I guess it’s about extreme values, I am in favour of being earth-bound, not house bound. Either way you come off as an extremist, perhaps it’s about rejecting the labels and finding the best possible truth, which is subjective, but this fact isn’t subjective at all. Mechanisation is required for agricultural development, but not in a hamlet hut.

Shreya said:

hahah, great job! Loved the S.L.A.G!

Carol said:

I’d starve if I had to grow my own…I’m not in the least bit green-fingered and haven’t been able to keep a plant alive yet!

stu said:

Save the carrots for me

Mintash said:

Brilliant titles excellent spoof anti-poverty campaigners eat your heart out literally

Jellybeans said:

Ho Ho grow grow no thanks, the developing world is already organic thank you and not through choice bring on the food processing plants and grand refridgeration in sub saharan Africa I say.

Jerry Tivan said:

Never sure whether these are serious maybe I just don’t get it but OK this one I do understand its taking the p… but surely organic veg is best?

Anif said:

Hilarious love the S.L.A.G

S Kelly said:

Love the parcel tape titles & best volunteer in the missionary hut yet- hilarious. The SLAG certainly wins it with this one, plus love the veggie v sign. Grow your own -yeah right – and make your own cans for beans no doubt.