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Tales from the Missionary Hut: Foraging


Tales from the Missionary Hut: Foraging

Ever thought of foraging for your own food but don’t have the know-how?  The Sustainable Living Advice Guru shows us how to get all the food we need from hedge-rows and our own back yard. No more visits to nasty big, bright,  brash supermarkets will be needed as this a recipe for guilt free, local, unpackaged, non processed, natural, organic, sustainable, delicious eating.


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Damy said:

Quite funny, but also some good tips, it’s also strange what you can find in ur back garden if you hard enough. Question in my mind is picking up snails from ur garden, cooking it n eating it, Is It Really Hygine.

Carol said:

I reckon that with the welfare reforms the government are imposing on many of us, I’ll have to forage for my food soon. I look forward to trying the Brazilicus Weedious Eaticus when I find some!

valentina said:

Ammazzaaaa che fico er presentatoreeree ma ki e’!!???!!! ;-)

Will said:

Seriously informative, I live off berries in the summer and feel both physically and morally great.

Catherine said:

Love the Bono photo in the missionary hut, what an inspiration he is!

Dennis said:

Living off the land, my ancestors tried it and moved on!

Leslie C said:

I’d also like to live in a cave.

jenny said:

Do me a favour, there is some moss to suck off my guttering mind you, so maybe I’m being unimaginative.

Philip Balls said:

Very funny but you do old poachers a disservice with the rabbit, woodpigeon , hare and other game they used to collect, to say nothing of wild greens, berries, and nuts. Not enough forests today though.