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Tales from the Missionary Hut: Just suck


3 Tales from the Miss suck

Globally concerned inventors do come up with some interesting ideas and here we learn how to sort out shortages of clean drinking water across the globe with a simple drinking straw. Does it suck? Can they be serious? The invention is real enough.

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Hannah said:

This video humorously shows light on the way some charities are pathetically choosing to help less developed countries by inventing a method or “ the future “to infinite clean water by using a tube that looks like it has been picked up from a recycling bin.

Aneesa said:

This video is a great spoof. The fact that people think water purification straws are a solution for water problems in developing countries is shocking.

Stacey said:

WORLDbytes missionary hut series is very funny, especially with our very own S.L.A.G. guiding us through. But i am getting more and more outraged by the pitiful and demeaning, so called ‘innovations’ people are actually producing and imposing on people in the Third World. It really does suck.