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Tales from the Missionary Hut: Pedal Power Nutter


5 Pedal Power

In this month’s Tales from the Missionary Hut, our globally concerned inventors lend the poor in the developing world a hand with the help of much vaunted pedal power. Based on a design by Nottingham students, an intriguing machine extracts nut oil with bicycle wheels. Is it nutty or will it get those lazy leg muscles moving and help our peers hit oil? Apparently, it has already taken off.

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margo_ said:

Oh gosh, that is such a ridiculous ‘innovations’. I can’t believe this has been qualified as a ‘great innovation’. I love the missionary huts series :) So funny and engaging !
I was writting in favour of sustainable development on other videos, but this is not what I understand by sustainable development … world of disillusions … This nuts thing is basically telling people in Africa “Yeah you are poor but hey there is nothing you can do about it, can you” … Revolting !!

Temi said:

Watching the S.L.A.G guide us on how to use this pedal power made me laugh out loud but also disgusted me. Do people seriously think that people in the developing world want to spend their time throwing nuts into a ridiculous ‘Blue Peter’ style bike to get drops of oil! How dare they. What’s worse is that this has been commended as a great innovation. Development and equality is redefined for our peers in the developing world – for them development is staying as you are…poor!

tryme said:

Hilarious, can the Nottingham students who came up with this idea be serious YEP NGOs are nuts for their appropriate technology nonsense…the S.L.A.G is fab.