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Tales from the Missionary Hut: Pumpy Pump Pump


Tales from the Missionary Hut: Pumpy Pump Pump

This is a great new idea for parts of the developing world where underground aquifers are hard to reach and accessing water is a problem. Forget dirty diesel pumps, electrification and major water infrastructure, a good bit of pumping will solve the problem. The pumpy pump pump can be made by any gap year student or native in a few minutes and it really works. Try it at home and let us know how you get on.

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Tauras said:

I’ll do this in my village of course :). Only one thing missing in demo version – one side valve, so I can’t imagine how it works really:). In the original web page shown, that this invention is in use in several south Asian countries. And over 1.7. million sold. It might be not bad income. For the sake of objectivity it has to be noted that there can be produced in the local metal workshops and income divides:). Lets thing about other inventions…

Samantha said:

These are getting better and better.

Zachary said:

I was horrified to see a plastic washing up bottle being used, plastic is one of the axils of evil. However the S.L.A.G. is to be forgiven as she is the beacon of how we can all live our lives in dirt poverty but really happily. It’s time we stop living it large, throw away our dreams and live like tiny creatures on this big big planet, not taking up too much space and definately not creating anything new. An inspiration as usual.

Lluisa V said:

It is an ironic way to say how different it can be the life on development countries in front of subdevelopment countries. What it seems a joke for us, it can be a real option to do things when you don’t have any technology. Also it makes think us in other options to do things using clean and sustainable energies.

Andy H said:

NGO suggestions for third world countries just get sillier. These days they just seem to want to export very low horizons abroad. How could we make programmes that take the mickey out of them even more? Suggestions for more films welcome.

Sarah K said:

Love the SLAG very funny keep on pumping

Hanna said:

Call me stupid but I didn’t realise this was a piss take except for the title until I saw the pond thing and realised it was mad and impossible

Johno said:

But these things really are suggested for poor countries and for us unbelieveable really

Farouk said:

Hilarious best Missionary hut you have done