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Tales from the Missionary Hut: Spazi-de-move


Tales From The Missionary Hut: Spazi-de move

Can’t afford to have your own shop but still want to make it big time in retail?  This mobile vending machine promises to abolish poverty, keep you fit and solve the crisis in a sustainable way.  Based on the device of the same name developed for South African street vendors, you can kiss delivery vans and superstores goodbye with this all-in-one people-powered shop on wheels. Our sustainable living advice guru shares the experience with you and shows you how to make your own amazing, portable boutique.

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Andrew said:

Hilarious video from the S.L.A.G.

Jack said:

OH MY GOD! I am new to the missionary hut so couldn’t believe this is for real so clicked onto the website and they actually write that the Spaza-de-Move gives “ the street vendor”. I’m speechless but once I get over that I am going to write to them, hope you have sent this video to them. Keep up the good work, coz this is needed.

Warren said:

Another laugh out loud invention from the S.L.A.G. Don’t stop until this nonsense stops!

Calum said:

Nasty shops and greedy shoppers will be a thing of the past with this. Phew

Jon said:

Haha! Good pisstake and needed. Noone critiques this rubbish nowadays.

John O said:

I can’t believe this is based on a real ‘invention’ but it is – what a crazy world

Lyle Horowitz said:

All you need is a SPAZI -de-move to get a national economy going it seems. This ‘small is beautiful’ idea is well worth taking the mickey out of.