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Tales from the Missionary Hut: The Aqua-hopper


Tales from the Missionary Hut: The Aqua-Hopper

The Aqua-hopper is a new invention set to take the developing world by storm.¬†Based on the Q-drum technology, the aqua hopper solves the problem of¬†fetching water over long distances. Destructive infrastructure is not needed and indigenous women’s cultural tradition of socialising at the local well is preserved. This is more than a practical cure; it is a life-saving miracle from the West for the rest.

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Eleanor Harrington said:

haha pipes are so anti-social! Enjoying the sound bites, amps up the tongue in cheek point.

Ke said:

My favorite part has to be the 30% hopping reasoning. Or the comment that Africans should order a hopper online.

While watching the video, I was concerned how the hopper could be used in a really cold country. What if the liquid inside froze?

Just kidding, great job.

Aisha said:

LOL – this is just comic irony at its best…..

…i wonder if i could use it as a flask for my early morning tea to uni?? lol

Liane said:


I think the SLAG should be expecting a call from DfID soon…