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Tales from the Missionary Hut: The Banana leaf Tampon


Tales from the Missionary Hut: Banana Leaf Tampons

The banana leaf tampon is all the rage for menstruating women from Sweden to Singapore to Sierra Leone.  This made-to-measure tampon is the latest in sustainable gadgetry and a breakthrough in global female sanitary provision, affordable for women even in the most remote parts of the developing world.  This is the friend we have all been waiting for.  It will help women in rural communities achieve their full potential and take part in all aspects of society.  Hail the banana leaf tampon.  Here’s how to make one of your own.

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Zach said:

Great spoof :)

@Carol, since you took left a serious note I’ll leave a more serious response – yes, using local resources to cut costs IS a good idea in developing countries. However, be sure to more fully check out what we are actually doing (the Saathi pads “recommended link” above) before you think we are doing anything at all like the (spoof) video.

Carol said:

I love the SLAG! I’m gonna try a banana leaf tampon, and keep a few spare in my bag in case one of my (female) friends get caught short!

On a serious note, the fact that someone out there thinks this is a good idea for our peers in Third World countries beggars belief. Why can’t all women of menstrual age have access to what we in the West take for granted?

Norma Green said:

As a green I think we should concern ourselves with leaf-miles and so banana leaves are fine for women in tropical climates but what about Norwegians? Obviously fir or pine leaves would be the ideal choice. I feel sorry for the Mexicans though.

Shreya said:

hah wow cannot believe this is a real thing. there are some places banana leaves just shouldnt go…

Camille said:

Thank God the SLAG saved poor incompetent me from tragically blinding myself. I don’t know where I’d be without her invaluable advice! Who needs a Boots when you have a jungle/lily pond — I’ll never get caught short again. Thanks SLAG :)

Jenny said:

Ha – ha!!!! Never could think that possible to do with banana leaves. Hope to try it myself one day :)))