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Tales from the Missionary Hut: The Eco Fridge


How can you keep your food fresh and your drinking water cool in a hot third world country? The pot-fridge is the latest in a range of savvy inventions for the poor in the developing world. An idea revived by NGOs working in Africa, this nifty invention is now being used by farmers and their families in warm climates to preserve their food and keep the insects away. This desert cooler does not require electricity or any power source, apparently making it ideal for poor rural villages and sustainable living fans. According to the NGOs, a pot-fridge will keep your tomatoes fresh for almost three weeks and all it takes is some sand, water and two pots. Is it time to give up on ‘white goods’ and get earthy? The programme shows us how to make one.

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kjahern said:

The S.L.A.G. is still a few sticks short of a bundle, and the film hits the spot too; the eco-fridge showing how much of Western aid for Africa only smooths over Africa’s rough spots by doing things like donating old schoolbooks. Not a bad thing considering how many rough spots Africa has, but it begs the question, what good are old schoolbooks if the pupils can’t do anything with that knowledge (i.e. write books if they’re good at English, be a banker if they’re good at maths, be an engineer if they’re good with machines)?

damzel said:

In this episode the S.L.A.G shows us how to make a Eco-Fridge, which of-course only the mad amongst us would do, but still people find the time to send this pitiful idea to the developing world. Don’t buy it – both the idea or gifts like this that NGOs encourage us to send to the Third World.