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Tales from the Missionary Hut: The Oxy Johnny


Oxy Johnny

How do you maintain oxygen supplies for patients in hospitals in the developing world, where facilities are well below the standards we enjoy in the West?  The Oxy Johnny breathe eezee mask is the latest innovation to take the developing world by storm.  Built on the scuba principle, this simple DIY contraption uses just a condom and some bits and pieces to fulfil a life saving function.  In some cases, the Oxy Johnny has made the difference between life and death.  Here’s how to make one of your own.

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Viola said:

I have come across many times to interesting inventions with the weirdest material which you would have never thought about. And some could really be potentially revolutionary. Scarce equipment in developing countries is not a problem to be resolved by just sending them money or doctors or other things; research and creativity can bring alternative solutions. A friend of mine has developed a sustainable brick made with banana tree leaves to be used in Rwanda. Some comments below seem to defend the importance of giving everyone access to “developed” technical equipment and I don’t think the video is going against this. We should all receive good health care. The reason why in some countries it is lacked goes well beyond condoms or oxygen machines. It’s a matter of political and economic interests, as while some technical progress are funded and promoted, many are kept silent and hidden.

Aare said:

This oxy Johnny in this DIY spoof is a great invention,… for an ordinary traveller in a place with difficult to access medical care. There is absolutely no reason why it isor should be a development issue. In a normal situation ( i.e. without a war , epidemia, etc) emergency medical equipment should be available in all countries medical centre’s, may it be called developed or developing.

I do not know whether it is true or not, but I heard that during war times, when donor blood was not readily available, in tropical regions a cononut water was a liquid that was transfused into wounded soldiers as it was clean and it had the necessary level of nutrition. This was OK DIY solution for war times but nowadays donor blood should be used. It is the same with the oxy Johnny – DIY solution is ok if nothing better is available. But there is better one available, … for developed world, …as it should also for developing world.
Right of being healthy is a basic human right and is should, as a priority, be guaranteed worldwide.

Marcia said:

University are meant to house some of the brightest student, the best of the crème de la crème. After watching the spoof and reading the article concerning the sustainable mask. I have one word HIV. The biggest threat to human health in the third world, the sheer lost of generation after generation to such an illness is unbelievable. This illness would have people believing that the people that the third world needs condoms to protect themselves, rather than squander them in such a fashion. Yes oxygen tanks are difficult to carry around. But why shouldn’t the third world have the best of the best in medical care. After all, the western world heavily depends on them for its natural resources and cheap labour. So we should attempt to come up with better invention for them. To ask the west to use condoms oxygen mask, I am sure will be at the European court of Human Right, arguing how it infringes our Human Rights to proper medical care. So why do we suggest that Africa uses it?

One more thing, the third world those not have an unlimited supply of condoms and if it did why do we keep giving them more?

Oh yeah to stop the spread of STD, with its limited supply they are suppose to make oxygen mask?

Nuura said:

The oxy Johnny video is actually showing that people in the third world should use the materials that they already have to address the big problems. The engineering students of Nottingham University have invented this. In this spoof it’s shown that oxygen masks are not greatly out there for patients form the third world. Therefore the patients should make a mask from condoms. First of all there is the use of condoms, we have all seen the news and the articles about how HIV/AIDS it’s one of the biggest issues and greatest diseases out there. Also that most of those people don’t have the access or the funds to gain condoms. So why would they instead of using it to protect themselves from STD’s mainly HIV/AIDS to make a flimsy oxygen mask? It’s the responsibility of the medical world/doctors to have that basic principle in the hospitals. What the engineering students are actually saying that patients of the developing world are not good enough for proper equipment that we in the West have. Therefore they can have a flimsy condom mask instead, there is no way that we in the West would use something like that. It’s a human right to get a proper treatment and not something that is second rate. Also the engineering students only made a project for a grade, I’m all for any person to make a contribution to the developing world but this is not worth it.

Jane Marshall said:

Yes do send to the smug inventors how amazing the S.L.A.G wins it again

Lucy said:

Aha, we get to see the S.L.A.G ‘behind the scenes’ now, brilliantly funny as always. But where do you find these absolutely disgusting ideas for people around the world? I just can’t believe this is real yet I clicked on the link to it and it is. Very very funny, do keep it up, do you send these missionary huts to these smug inventors?