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The Battle of Ideas: Don’t miss it


Battle of Ideas

This appetiser reminds us there is no feast for the mind like the Battle of Ideas festival. Challenging new ideas blend with historical insights at this ‘free speech allowed’ weekend. This is a must for anyone interested in cutting edge thinking. With 75 debates and 350 speakers, a huge range of contemporary issues are covered. Mixed with snippets of debate, this programme features vox pops filmed by WORLDbytes volunteers at last year’s Battle of Ideas festival and their excitement is infectious. As one attendee tells us: “it covers issues most politicians won’t touch.” The full programme of debates and tickets for this year’s event on Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th October 2011 are available now; just visit the Battle of Ideas website.

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Carol said:

I’m gutted that I will miss this years Battle of Ideas. I have been to previous BOI festivals and they are thought provoking, educational, frustrating and exciting all rolled into one.

If you get the chance, do go to it, you won’t be sorry.

Ben said:

The Battle of Ideas puts your head through the mill!

Shreya said:

Cannot wait to attend this! Sounds like an amazing forum for learning about ideas on all sides of the issues that are pertinent to people today. The opportunity to hear many different views on each of these issues excites me. I may not always agree with everything said, but the fact that I will be challenged to think about why I believe what I believe is thrilling.

S kelly said:

Looks excellent as ever and great the full debates are being filmed by WORLDbytes. I use them as teaching materials and sometimes just to rethink the obvious and get my brain back in gear on thorny issues.

Camille said:

I love the Battle of Ideas, it’s fantastic. A great place to get you thinking. After leaving uni the BOI is what stops my brain from turning into under-used mush. The BOI is a brilliant 2 days of intense debate in a country where most of the time people are too polite to disagree! Great promo, can’t wait for the real thing. The line up this year looks really interesting. Let the battle commence! :)

H Yuntis said:

Quite startling to learn there is a free speach festival makes you realise how anal we are most of the time and how we don’t say what we think

Angelface said:

Yep get the picture looks really promising I’ll be there with knobs on if only to take on population debatees

Meera said:

I have been to the Battle of Ideas before and it is brilliant. It’s great that WORLDbytes puts the debates up too as I need to go back to most of the debates i went to as there is always so much to think about in each of them.

Tracey said:

Really looking forward to going this year for the first time as people tell me that it just rocks for people who like to be challenged and challenging.