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The Big Society in Action


The UK coalition government’s solution to apathy, an overbearing state and idle, disrespectful youth is national community service. A pilot scheme for young volunteers in Hackney is now underway and proving popular among those taking part.

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Viola said:

I like satire and spoof, as they gets to the point in a very fresh and easily understandable way, which can push people to think more critically about issues that might be normally taken for granted. Improving young’s’ lives, what a mission! Rather than forcing people to do things that from the top seem to be necessary and relieving, the government should question itself on why young people get less involved in their surroundings. Can’t it be that maybe it is the adult world that should believe more in new generation and leave us space to live and socialize instead of shutting them down?

Aare said:

As I understand it a drive for “A Big Society” means encouragement and development of the third pillar of society – non-governmental sector( NGO-s), whereas public and private sector are two other sectors that carry out social actions.
In the light of government budget deficit and need to cut public spending it is definitely nice idea from government side to ask NGO-s to do more in social development and maintenance, however this initiative hardly ever works in top-to-bottom manner, as it is supposed to work bottom-to-top manner.

If motivation, self-initiative, care for one’s surroundings and constructive “feeling of belonging” is neglected for long time it is unreasonable to expect that it will start to flourish immediately when government starts to encourage these fragile traits of human nature. Of course it do not mean that so called “social jobs” are entirely meaningless; I think they have a role to play re-energizing society.

However government could to much more in what they really should do – educate people how to do socially beneficial activities, provide encouragement and provide financial sources where people can apply if they want to carry out “A Big Society” type of actions. It is kind of “giving fish or fishing rod” type of dilemma government is tackling with and it seems that they incline towards giving fish.

Marcia said:

This is another look at how well the government knows the youth of today. The notion of a big society on the surface may look great, however in reality it will be difficult to enforce and tackle. In order to stimulate the youth the government must introduce volunteer work that they are willing to do. The point of volunteering is take part in activities that the young person believes in. Suggesting (in government talk Enforcing) what they must do will only cause to destroy the already fragile relationship between government and young people. And on another note, in a big society you can’t help but leave some behind, so who are going to get cut off?

Nuura said:

David Cameron is trying to “better” the world in a radical way. He is targeting the youngsters who are not contributing back to their community. In my opinion and as it is shown in the video that you can’t force youngsters to do community work. Because by forcing someone the whole meaning of volunteers is gone. Every charity/establishment wants people who are passionate about their beliefs/area. They don’t want people who are there against their will, otherwise they will be more reluctant to do their work, and therefore others are undermined. I understand where David Cameron is coming from, but if the youngsters want to contribute back to society they are old enough to reach out and to get in contact with others. Otherwise creativity and passion is at a lost here and that is unacceptable.

Sarah Kelly said:

Yep agree with below…voluntary work is not exactly voluntary either…Oh & the supervisor is hilarious

jacob said:

Thi s is funny and cringe making as I can just see this happening for young people in Cameron’s Big Society! Stupid jobs for us stupid people who without government telling us…oh sorry i mean helping us…to do something constructive with our lives we would be lost. All the talk about leaving us alone amounts to doing exactly the opposite.