This multi-award winning channel produces programmes made by volunteers trained by the charity WORLDwrite

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The Bloomberg TV experience


The Bloomberg TV experience

Bloomberg TV, in partnership with WORLDwrite set up a unique curriculum and learning experience for a group of WORLDbytes volunteers. Over three months, our Citizen TV makers gained extraordinary insights into all aspects of professional news production. This is a glimpse of the crew on their final day at Bloomberg’s TV school. The charity would like to thank European TV head Malcolm Fried and his team for this pioneering opportunity.

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Diana Emilia said:

I have to thank WORLDbytes for giving me the chance to be part of this training program.

I always thought that without seeing exactly what a job really is about, I would never know what I’m aiming for in television. During this training I got to learn what different roles are about and which one would suit me best. I also got to shadow the live news director and understood that his job is closest to what I could be great at.

We all got a taste of what live news broadcast means.Other than that, it was a fun, exciting and interesting experience. All the people working at Bloomberg are amazing.
Thank you WORLDbytes and thank you Bloomberg.

Damy said:

Having been part of this was a new level for me and actually gave me the chance to be mentored by a highly profesional company. Gained new skills and concept of tv production. Thanks worldbyte for the opportunity.

Carol said:

I was lucky enough to be part of this amazing project and OMG what an experience. We learned so much and the last day, where we all got to be part of making this programme was mind blowing: I was excited and nervous at the same time, but really enjoyed myself.
The whole experience was brilliant and the staff at Bloomberg were so friendly.

I really hope this continues so more volunteers can have this experience too.

Thank you WORLDbytes and Bloomberg.

Andrew said:

I think this is great, for normal volunteers to work in a real studio. The crew looked as though they were professionals so they must’ve learned a lot.

Bahija said:

This is such a good idea, providing a leg up for those of us who just aren’t taken seriously is excellent. The crew looked like they got so much out of it.

Tahira said:

I hope this becomes a regular thing, I’d really like the chance to learn from the best.

Fiona said:

Wow, what an opportunity, being in actual professional studio. Brilliant.

Phoenix said:

Looks like a lot of fun. Nice one on Bloomberg for doing this, wish I could have done it!

Sarah K said:

lucky people- Nice one

Hamish Mc Dour said:

Volunteer television makers of the future seem to have a valuable learning experience at Bloomberg’s central London HQ.