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The General Election: Don’t shout at the telly change the message on it



In this General Election special, spiked editor Brendan O’Neill presents a compelling case for making Brexit the deciding factor. Volunteers on the sofa raise their doubts and questions. With emboldened citizens rather than suits in Brussels calling the shots, he explains, we have a chance to get what we want. Unlike a good king he points out, we can get rid of a bad Prime minister. The Brexit revolt has shaken British politics to the core, but he warns us, it’s fragile.

Related topics: Debates, Democracy-Brexit

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Foodies said:

OK well made video but call me the forces of darkness or what you will but why have such faith in people, I don’t and consequently won’t stand up for democracy in my view it’s mob rule!

Josie Dinsmar said:

Very informative video, I like the format and quite a stirring presentation on why Brexit is the basis for everything else we want. I still don’t know who to vote for mind you!

Gerry Laston said:

Very well presented discussion and good questions raised, disagree with the people who think Brexit is a done deal all the parties are spectacularly good at ignoring what people want I really don’t feel able to trust any of them they seem to be driven by staying in power more than anything.

Julia K said:

Oooh this makes it difficult I know the EU is really bad news and an institution that keeps all Europen citizens at arm’s length but can I stomach voting for May? Hmmm

Samual said:

Great vid and thank you for making me think even though I don’t have the right to vote.