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The great population debate: too many carbon footprints?


The great population debate: too many carbon footprints?

Fears about climate change have brought back concerns about global population numbers. With the global population set to reach seven billion in a few years time, some argue we are heading for a crisis, as food supplies and energy sources wane in the face of increasing demand. Yet similar arguments have been made throughout history – most notably by Thomas Malthus – and have been proven wrong, as development and human ingenuity have solved the problems posed by apparently natural limits. In this exhilarating debate filmed at the Battle of ideas Spiked’s Brendan O’Neil takes on the Optimum Population Trust’s Roger Martin and argues against ‘finite-itus.’

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bose said:


The issue of population growth in relation to carbon emission should not be overemphasised; instead, the world should look into ways of promoting good health, better quality of life expectancy and production of more resources without polluting the environment.

From the Biblical sense, God wanted the earth to be filled and so he gave us resources to sustain us as well. As man began to grow in population, he began to realise that the natural resources that God already gave was not enough to go round, so he got involved in various activities as a solution to the shortage of resources per head.

Due to man’s activities and desire to re-design the world in a way that would meet his needs, he made mistakes. Now, man has realised his mistakes and has been making effort to correct them by finding solutions to them, so he came up with ECO- friendly resources like the nuclear station, solar energy and etc. to lower the effect of the pollution that has be caused.

If none of the present problems had existed, nobody would have blamed anybody for making too many babies and I would suggest that we all wait for time to tell since the new safer forms of technology have just begun.

Humans make the society and without us the world would be empty. We need to procreate and keep the world going at a reasonable rate by giving women reproductive choice because if we stop now, there will be no future generation to take over.