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The Law & our private lives: an abusive relationship?


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The public incident involving Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi made domestic violence a major talking point and last year home secretary Theresa May said tackling domestic violence was one of the government’s most important tasks. A new definition of ‘domestic violence’ was adopted into policy, which included psychological, emotional and financial abuse but has the law in this area given the state too much power to intervene? Have women been rendered incapable victims and couples denied the capacity to solve their own problems? This debate gets heated as an exceptional panel of experts including well known barrister Barbara Hewson, Criminal law barrister Aneurin Brewer and researcher and writer Helen Reece do battle. Filmed at the Battle of Ideas, this debate is a must watch.

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Imra K said:

What a startling debate-had me hooked, not quite sure where I stand now but I do think women are being treated as hopeless victims which is a major backward step.