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The Myth of Racist Kids


The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 made it law for schools to report ‘racist incidents’ to local authorities. A growing race relations industry has moved into schools, and even nurseries, to combat prejudice in children as young as three. In discussion with a studio audience, film-maker and anti-racist campaigner Adrian Hart argues the idea of racist kids is a myth and intervention can in fact create ethnic tensions. Should we leave the kids alone?

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Marco said:

Interesting interview. Makes me think again as Adrian Hart said “leave the children alone” , stop ruining their childhood by government criteria.

Ramin said:

By considering the world’s movement toward globalisation future has to be free or as less as posible from racial conflicts. kids are subject to influence of their family and teachers and if they developed or reveal a racial act we can’t blame them, we have to take the matter to those that are in charge of injecting those racial ideas to them.

demidoug said:

The playground world, it seems so long ago when I was in that world. How we were so gullible and had a little idea on what is going on, believing what we are told to believe. Saying things and never thinking about the actual consequences of our words. I have to admit I haven’t seem much racism bullying. I don’t think children should be taught how to behave from the government policies but should be given guidance on what path to take. I never actually thought about the ulterior move regarding the policies from the government on anti-racism. Interesting point raised. Video has been very insightful.