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The Plebs Political Game Show



From Remoaners to fluid gender snowflakes and regression sessions with balls, a team of Otherkins and Identitarians get stuck in to the quiz of the year, sending up demosphobia and meninism along the way. It’s a play along treat for the traditional unsafe Christmas space. A must watch & share with tissues.

Related topics: Debates, Democracy-Brexit

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Tom said:

This is a very interesting way to get across ideas about what has happened recently politically, for example Brexit, gender issues, universities banning various groups and activities, religion and hatred of men. I learnt a lot watching this video which I found very entertaining. The contestants gave quite thoughtful responses to the questions posed. Particularly interesting were the questions on stereotyping such as Universities assuming that working class people all dressed in a certain way!

Emily said:

Engaging questions asked are relatable and hilarious. All the issues asked and discussed are recent events, with the mentioning of Trump, Brexit, the EU… A great video to watch, which was highly entertaining.

Rosa said:

Very entertaining, allows the news of the year to be expressed casually making it more accessible to the audience.

Maryam said:

Funny, genuine interaction (not too scripted), engages me as a young person. Love the clicky things!!

Ryan said:

If your a follower of poltics you will find this entertaining,it reminds of the bbc show ”insert name here”

Kehinde said:

I think this is an interesting take on a 21st century talk show and is something that I believe would appeal to the teenagers/young adults demographic. Combining politics with game shows is a nice way to educate people in current affairs using popular formats

John said:

better than have I got news for you
the lady that hosts is very good

Vanessa said:

A really fun game wish I was involved .

T Murray said:

Ahhh, the Guardian…. keeping perpetual vigilance over the group-think hymn sheet to ensure no one strays from the anodyne script. What a shit poor excuse for journalism. Happy New Year Plebs! Well done.