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The Political Game-show


Xmas game show thumb

Multiculturalism and Identity politics get game show treatment in this fast paced fun show filmed with guests and volunteers in the WORLDbytes studios complete with ‘holiday shrub’. Where are Trigger Warnings being applied? Unpaid sex-slave is the correct term for what? Why is egg and spoon beyond the pale? A laugh to play along with and Winterval party must, try it, and try explaining Cis-gender and intersectionality with your cracker jokes. Let us know how you score and don’t forget there is no such thing as failure, only deferred success. Merry Trigger Warning Xmas to all.

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wazeer ali said:

Best game

elaizamaegwaps said:

im scared said:

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sarat dengan konten besar . Dunia adalah semua tentang
perdagangan, dan perdagangan perlu dibayuar kembali, tapi outsourcing layanan pengembangan web membantu orang di ssudut yang berlawanan dari dunia utuk membayar dengan instan .
Penghematan saja dapat membaantu Anda mendanai proyek-proyek penting lainnya .

erliuye123 said:


bisma said:

i love game

ayesha said:

nice game

Madhu said:

Fantastic show. Great work Nancy and team :)

Eden said:

This show is a winner! So brilliant!
Looking forward to the next one!!

Katie Fiscott said:

Great show-am passing it around-more in 2015 please and Merry Christmas id that is acceptable? Ho Ho

Sarah K said:

OK good one for the winterval party i agree-nice one WORLDbytes.

Soli said:

I don’t think I’d score well-is that because I am Cis-gender challenged? Love the holiday shrub too.

Gemina said:

Thank you WORLDbytes for making my day with this am I allowed to say Merry Christmas to all your volunteers.

Josh T said:

Where do you get this stuff-brilliant-laughed out loud. My language must improve I think I must be what do you call it heteronormative.

Simon Ricksah said:

hah Ha or should it be HO HO HO your presenter is brilliant loved it now practising with party poppers to do this one with mates. Ta people at WORLDbytes may your talent thrive.

rachael p said:

WOW! Brilliantly done-should be on mainstream TV-will share for sure.

Ahmed said:

Hilarious-never even heard of half of these terms-Merry ???mas WORLDbytes.