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The Price of London Life: Demanding More

London life

London is known as a global city, an exciting destination for visitors and a draw for citizens who want to be at the centre of things for work, life and fun. But it’s expensive, wages for many are impossible to manage on and as one guy tells us, nobody earns enough. In this short report, filmed in the studio, on the streets and in one woman’s home we hear how hard it is to get by. Surely, it’s time to demand more and we’d like to hear from policy makers and MP’s what solutions they have for Londoners. We’d like your thoughts too on what we can do and hope you’ll share this video and spread the word.

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Frances Rehal said:

This is a really important video as it highlights the difficulties experienced by young people in London. The cost of living in the city really impacts on the younger generation.

It suggests towards the end that young people should go out there and campaign for change. I would like to see more emphasis on what the politicians are going to do about these difficulties. Young people could form an action group and target politicians, both MPs and local councillors and think about drafting a manifesto of what they need. These could include a concerted attempt across the capital to ensure that derelict and empty house are brought back into used and prioritised for the younger generation. Pressure should be used to bring about the building of council house. New architectural design and approached should be promoted so that large numbers of homes can be available in the shortest possible time.

Dr Frances Rehal PhD MBE QN