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The riots one year on: assessing the state of the nation


The riots one year on: assessing the state of the nation

After the riots in the UK in 2011, responses ranged from blaming feral criminality to presenting looting as a form of protest. These competing explanations shared a common belief in calling for greater state intervention to fix the problem. The law’n’order lobby argued people need stricter social and moral codes, while liberal-leaning commentators called for parenting classes, family-therapy centres,  outreach programmes and so on. In a captivating panel discussion, filmed at the Battle of Ideas, speakers consider what we have learned one year on.

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Randolph Ferry said:

Great debate and a very good panel. David Lammy MP is better than I expected. I’m still concerned though, about this idea of community as the point is well made that communities are often not of our choosing. They’re just about where you live and so on whereas solidarity suggests a conscious decision to support other people. How do we create a new version of that?

Marcia said:

Oooh now I’m not sure on the relationship of the riots to unemployment..if as the lady speaker says if there was full employment there wouldn’t have been riots on the other hand plenty of unemployed people didn’t loot etc… so what is the balance on this?

John Howard said:

Excellent debate agree re the solidarity point in particular and the guy in the audience who makes a point about Ali G and that young people shouldn’t be flattered.