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The rise of the clicktivists: will the revolution be digitised?


The rise of the clicktivists: will the revolution be digitised?

Is the internet just an echo chamber for the already converted, another tool in the activists’ toolbox or has it brought about fundamental changes? Some argue the uprisings across the Middle East are ‘Wikileaks revolutions’. The English Defence League (EDL) counts the people who have clicked ‘like’ on its Facebook as members. Yet, less than a quarter of those said they’d attended a demonstration. As the audience twitter, Paul Mason, broadcaster, author, Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere; economics editor, BBC’s Newsnight provides a short lecture with respondents David Babbs, executive director, 38 degrees; Martyn Perks, director, Thinking Apart; Phil Booth, director, TRUTH2POWER.

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Randolph Ferry said:

Paul Mason’s account of the clicktivists overclaims the technological determinism and downplays the collapse of traditional left and right politics.

Clicktivist said:

The revolution was digitised and this debate is excellent to get your head round this absolutely new way of organising and taking action, changing things and minds. As one of them, i think, as people say in this debate too, this is another means to an end. We’d be stupid not to use this way of communicating, but it is the end, the ideas, that turns me on or not.

Will said:

Somebody tell me what this ‘species being’ is?!

Ben said:

Reading below maybe I have become old fashioned before I get old as I cannot agree that technology is bringing more people together to fight. Like one of the audience guy’s said – research has shown that those active on the net are the ones active on the streets. But more importantly I just don’t think that the Occupy movement is going to be this massive transformative movement that Paul seems to think they are and i hear it all the time. They are not even the 0.0001% of us. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t being talked about by the media and politicians, but that is just past masters mimicking the idea they have a clue!

Denise said:

The unrest is young people all around the world having their future cancelled and using whatever means to smash capitalism that is crashing around their ears.

Fran said:

Paul’s upbeat and optimistic thesis is hard to resist. As he says what is happening now is very different, we can see history in the making, when it is happening, and let everyone else know. So, for those in the discussion that doesn’t think that is not the same as winning over a constituency. How old fashioned is that?