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The Suffragettes: Where is Sylvia?


6 Where is Sylvia

Sylvia Pankhurst fought for the right to vote with a capital “V”. She believed in social transformation and supported the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Statues of her mother Emmeline Pankhurst and a plaque commemorating her sister Christabel Pankhurst feature outside the Houses of Parliament but where is Sylvia? This taster of a film in the making suggests Sylvia is a woman worth remembering. There are numerous opportunities to get involved in the development of this film. If you are interested, do drop us a line.

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Andy Whitaker said:

While you are making a film about the Suffragettes I’d like to draw your attention to the song “Militant Millicent about the suffragette movement from my album THINGS THAT HAPPENED ON EARTH.


Andy Whitaker

Lindsay Farquhar said:

A brilliant compilation of facts about Sylvia Pankhurst and very inspiring to see so many young women in the video. I hope Sylvia will have her statue and commemoration made on College Green soon, altough the political climate may still not be favourable in recognising her acheivements.

Anita Wright said:

Congratulations on a great piece of filmaking about an inspirational woman. We definitely need a statute of Sylvia Pankhurst on College Green to commemorate her life and remind us that the struggle for equality, peace and social progress continues.

Lorene Fabian said:

Well done on producing a wonderful video about Sylvia. It is high time this nation recognised her and it is high time we had Ian Walters’ statue erected on College Green. Well done all of you and good luck to the Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee. A true inspiration to women and all workers of the world

Megan Dobney said:

Many congratulations on your video! I am part of the Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee – trying to get Ian Walters’ statue erected on College Green. We are working with Brenda Dean in the House of Lords in the continued hope that we can persuade their Lord and Ladyships that Sylvia is indeed worthy of their permission to erect the statue outside the Houses of Parliament. We are determined, and we will win!
All best wishes, Megan

Kemi said:

This video gives us an insight into Sylvia Pankhurst”s life as a political activist.Its such a shame that alot of women do not know about her or about how strong of a fighter she was for the rights we take for granted today. she definitely deserves more praise for her work. I cant wait to see the actual film.

Sylvia Ayling said:

I congratulate all involved in this excellent presentation of the life and work of a woman who thought of herself as ‘a citizen of the world who owns no barrier of race or nation.’
It was good to see the unique anti-aerial bombing monument, one of those ‘ironic points of light that flash out wherever the just exchange their messages’ mentioned by the poet W.H. Auden in his poem, September,1939). It was the focus of attention at last week’s Woodford Festival when a local group, the Poetry Collective, led a walk round the area visiting points of interest, including Churchill’s statue.
I was responsible for having it included in the Imperial War Museum’s National Inventory of War Memorials some years back. Although the locals called it the Abyssinian War Memorial, it is listed as a Monument. In fact, it was Grade II listed long before I came to Woodford in the 1960s.

Reviving Sylvia Pankhurst’s spirit - said:

[…] should contribute to Worldbytes, the citizen TV arm of Worldwrite, to allow it to complete the ambitious film it is making about her life. You can donate […]

Nuura said:

It’s hard to believe that we women take for granted were fought for so greatly. It’s dissapointing that Sylvie did not get a proper remorial or even respect. Just because she agreed with the Bolsheviks, the early foundation of the communists. Therefore she was erased from history because her beliefs were not in line of the British.

Millieme said:

What a woman, what an inspiration, she is certainly one of my heroes. She fought for political and social equality, she worked her butt off to ensure people in the East End got a better deal immediately whilst fighting to smash a system that could never provide for all. This meant she broke away from the WSPU, the Women’s Social and Political Union, when WW1 broke out refusing to back this imperialist war as the WSPU did. As Bernard Shaw said of Sylvia “there are only two opinions of her, that she was miraculous and that she was unbearable.”

visa2020 said:

Where is Sylvia is a very good question! This intro to a forthcoming film gives us some good insights into her life and relatively unsung contribution to politics.