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The UK economy after Brexit: sink or swim?



The vote to leave the European Union stunned the world’s economic experts, politicians and economic officials. Voters were told that leaving the EU would hit the UK economy hard, with the only question being over what future trade arrangements might be made with the EU. But when it comes to future prosperity, is there too much focus on trade relationships? Should we really be worrying about problems closer to home? In this incredibly engaging debate filmed at the Battle of Ideas, speakers and audience share vital insights. A rare chance to hear the serious discussion politicians have avoided.

The speakers include: Daniel Moylan, former deputy chairman of Transport for London, Conservative Councillor, co-chairman, Urban Design London; Phil Mullan, economist and business manager, author, Creative Destruction: How to start an economic renaissance; Merryn Somerset Webb, Editor in Chief, MoneyWeek; Andreas Wesemann, partner, Ashcombe Advisers LLP, author, The Abolition of Deposit Insurance. The chair is Rob Lyons, science and technology director, Institute of Ideas, convenor, IoI Economy Forum.

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Andrew Garcarz said:

Great Video, the experts predicted gloom and doom, a £30 billion black hole, 3,000,000 unemployed, a leap into the dark blah, blah, blah, blah.

We will thrive and prosper in the world, not just shackled to the failing EU