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The View from the Streets: Immigration


The View from the Streets: Immigration

A crew of intrepid Citizen TV makers learning to shoot with WORLDbytes, take to the streets to investigate public attitudes to immigration. On asking people what they think about the idea of ‘Open Borders’ many responses are refreshingly positive. Some may argue this is because it’s Hackney and Wood Green in Cosmopolitan London but its clear old fashioned ‘racism’ has had its day. Politicians can not blame the 2nd class citizenship they impose through immigration law on public attitudes. ‘Too few resources’ for ‘too many people’ is more common but we’ll visit the streets to check out public views on that next.

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Annie May Noonan said:

It was very insightful to see the the programme address the very concept of the word “immigrant” or “migrant” as a potentially deorgatory and even discrimatory term, this in itself is rarely explored in mainstream programmes on the subject. It was also refreshing to see actual “immigrants” being interviewed, with their views and feelings being given a public platform, as in many popular documentaries concerning the subject of immigration attention is mainly paid to the experiences and views of non migrants and thereby “immigrant”s themselves become almost dehumanized within popular media, however the style of this programme enables the viewer to become more emotionally connected to the situations and experiences of the” immigrants” themselves and thereby their experiences in the Uk, and, in the words of one of the members of the public who was interviewed to imagine ” if it were you in their shoes. “

Zakiyya said:

This is a good watch, its nice to see such different and non biased views

Sophia said:

It is refreshing to view the general public’s opinions on immigration as popular media is dominated with the opinions of politicians. To me, the idea of open borders and free movement (with the exception of criminals) is necessary for the world to progress and develop. Unfortunately, recent scaremongering in the mainstream media and in politics has portrayed this as a negative and damaging idea, but as the gentleman in the documentary beautifully articulates “we are the original melting pot”. Britain should be proud of immigrants and multiculturalism.

yo said:

i found very interesting to be able to lissen to the opinion of the real people.
i think immigration is such an important issue to be discussed and am glad to hear that the majority of the people is up for an open border policy. Makes me proud to live in England.

mmd said:

For me, the most interesting comment in this report is the one that the freedom to move around the world is a basic human right. Beyond the ideas of a global economy and free trade, all humans should be able to travel, work and live wherever we want simply because it is our right to and a right that has been exploited since the beginning of human history. All people are indeed migrants – our ancestors were migrants, and our children will be migrants. No single country in this world is purely “native.” As another interviewee pointed out, all nation states are socially constructed and there is nothing natural about the borders we’ve drawn, as they were often drawn through violence, cruelty and imperialism. The only natural thing is the human instinct to travel, move around and seek new opportunities all over the world. Everything and all people are becoming more and more globalized as history progresses, and therefore, it’s unjust and inhumane to close borders off to anyone now, especially since most wealthy nations “stole” the land they currently claim to be native to from other natives throughout history. Would our world honestly be any better, or would any of us be living where we are currently if all people had stayed in the exact same place/never moved around/never explored the world? It’s in our nature and is our basic right to move around to create the best possible lives for ourselves.

videoman said:

Impressive job taking the public seriously – yes refreshing – interesting that quite a few people have taken on free market style open borders argument ie globalised world-capital flows therefore so should people – yet free marketeers mostly don’t go down that road themsleves and are the ones clamping down on people. I don’t think it is a positive argument either afterall we are not simply commodities – we’re people. Maybe this is the only way ‘anti-capitalists’ can argue for open borders- they can’t step outside capitalist terms – or challenge it either – or is that a bit harsh.