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Abolish the Lords?: The View on the Streets


VoS Abolish the Lords1

Having won the referendum vote to get out of the undemocratic EU, isn’t it time the UK public also had the opportunity to get rid of the medieval House of Lords? WORLDbytes volunteers took to the streets of Hackney in East London to test the public’s thinking. Some people felt it should be retained as a second chamber, shockingly some even felt M’Lords and ladies know better than we do what’s good for us. A few wrongly assumed the ‘checks and balances’ purpose of the Lords was a check on politicians wrong doing, when in fact it is a check on the demos and the will of the people.  Yet even in Hackney, a ‘Remain’ heartland the majority thought the Lords should go. This short video was filmed before Theresa May’s announcement of a snap election, in which she spoke of the interference of the unelected Lords in the Brexit process. WORLDwrite is calling on May and Co to show their commitment to democracy by holding a long overdue referendum on the abolition of the House of Lords.

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Dan said:

We only need one check on our elected representatives – the people.
Democracy shouldnt be ‘balanced’ with anything.

This video is proof that the case for democracy needs to be remade.

Sarah Leystan said:

Very good to hear view of public on this would the view be the same in Brexit majority country- not sure?

JK said:

People seem to think ‘checks and balances’ by Lords are to stop wicked MPs, they are not they are a check on what the public want that was the whole idea same is true in USA with supreme court set up to stop too much democracy or in case the people want things the elitr don.t. Anyhow the Lords must go

Samual said:

Good video fine sentiments agree a referendum would be good thank you